Tired of waiting in long queues to purchase your medicine? Want cashless transaction? Definitely there is online pharmacy for your rescue. Online pharmacy also known as internet pharmacy or mail order pharmacy is a pharmacy that takes orders over the internet and then delivers the orders to their customers through mail or with the shipping companies.

Fake pharmacies:

With so many online pharmacieslike medicinedirect it is difficult to differentiate between a fake and a real pharmacy. While looking to buy medicine over the internet which is affordable and safe to buy, you would preferably like to know the security of the website. You will definitely wantto deal with legitimate websites to be safe as well as get the best medicines. It is very disturbing situation to know there are many fake pharmacies functioning online. It is better to stay away from these fake online pharmacies as they can risk your life by delivering counterfeit or sub standard medicines. These websites can also steal your identity.

Spotting a fake pharmacy:

It is essential to identify a fake pharmacy to avoidand refrainfrom all the dangers that can arise because of these illegitimate drugs which are of very poor quality or are counterfeit. They can also pose a threat by misusing the personal information shared over the website. The fake pharmacies generally have their country flag, and other graphics closely related to the country they originate from.

Differences between the real and fake online pharmacies:

Fake pharmacies in the UK stand out in unique ways and can be spotted as fake pharmacy. Fake pharmacies do not abide by the rules and regulations laid by the General pharmaceutical council (GPhC). These pharmacies do notrequire any prescription. They dispense all the varieties of drugs without any prescription. Fake pharmacies sell very low quality cheap drugs which definitely will do no good but only pose a threat. Fake pharmacies typically do not display or even publish their verifiable contact information. As by the rules, all online pharmacy needs to have a licensed pharmacist working in close contact. The role ofthe pharmacist is to dispense the medications as per the orders received. The major distinguishing feature with the fake online pharmacy is theydo not keep your personal and financial information safe and secure.

The real or the legitimate online pharmacies abide and follow the rules laid by the governing body. They demand for a valid prescription by the general practitioner who has examined you rather than just an online questionnaire. These pharmacies provide only the regulated medicines that are verified by theofficial drug regulatory authority of the local area. Legitimate online pharmacies will dispense your drugs through a real online pharmacy and there only a licensed pharmacist will dispense the medication. The real online pharmacies never hesitate to disclose their contact information like the address and the phone number. The legitimate online pharmacies give the customers the advantage of speaking to the licensed pharmacist as and when required.

Why worry about thesefake pharmacies?

The fake pharmacies can be very troublesome to the buyer and put you unwanted trouble. Just with the intention of saving time and money do not trust the online pharmacies. They can end up harming your body due to the fake medicines and also cause damage toyour personal and financial data. With the online pharmacy it is difficult to assess which is fake or real.

The fake online pharmacies have an ultimate motive of making money as much as possible by any means. They provide substandard or counterfeit medicines especially those that are commonly used at a very low cost to attract customers. Many of these fake drugs mimic the original real drugs. To prepare such medicines, additives like chalk powder, sugar, flour, are used widely to increase the weight.

Most of the drugs sold in illegal and fake online pharmacy might be expired or out dated. The ingredient may be in excess or may not be presentat alleven in small concentration. These pharmacies do not follow the necessary storage requirement criteria of the drugs. All this can lead to devastating side effects on the patient consuming them.